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  • October 2023

    Should Your Industrial Network Be Software-Defined?
    10 23 Zebra

    Rugged Android Tablets

    The ET6x series of rugged Android tablets from Zebra Technologies was designed for front-line workers. The ET60 and ET65 are Zebra’s first 2-in-1 Android tablets with a friction...
    10 23 Techman

    25kg Payload AI Cobot

    Oct. 2, 2023
    Adding to the TM AI Cobot S series, Techman Robot has released the TM25S. This cobot has a payload of 25kg and a reach of more than 190cm. The AI Cobot S series features a built...
    10 23 Specim

    Hyperspectral Camera

    Sept. 28, 2023
    The Specim GX17 is a next-generation near-infrared line-scan hyperspectral camera for machine vision which complements Specim’s FX camera series. It features a maximum frame rate...
    10 23 Renesas

    Motor Control Embedded Processing

    Sept. 27, 2023
    Renesas is introducing two new MCU groups from its RA family of Arm Cortex-M devices and new RX26T Group MCUs from the RX family. The RA4T1 group delivers 100 MHz performance ...

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    10 23 Red Lion

    Edge Automation Platform

    Sept. 26, 2023
    FlexEdge with HDMI, powered by Crimson, is designed to develop and deploy customized dashboards for better data visualization. The HDMI feature allows for direct data collection...
    Screenshot 2023 09 25 At 9 22 31 Am

    Motors: The Core of Automation

    Motors have been central to automation since the beginnings of the first industrial revolution in the mid 18th century and their varied forms and applicability maintain their ...
    10 23 Estone

    Embedded Board for Vision and HMI

    Sept. 25, 2023
    The newest addition to the Pico-ITX embedded board family is the EMB-2239, an NXP i.MX8M Plus based single board computer. This board is designed for edge artificial intelligence...
    10 23 Moxa

    Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

    Sept. 22, 2023
    The AWK-3252A wireless AP/bridge/client is capable of concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi, offers 802.11ac performance with DFS channel support, the latest WPA3 encryption for an additional...
    CaptiveAire manufactured Paragon roof top unit with the Danfoss compressor installed.

    Applying Automation to Reduce Illness

    CaptiveAire and Danfoss team up to limit indoor spread of COVID-19 viruses.
    10 23 Mitsubishi

    Compact Programmable Logic Controller

    Expanding its line of Melsec iQ-F series of compact controllers, Mitsubishi Electric has released the FX5S, a compact controller for small machines with up to 60 I/O and integrated...
    10 23 Mencom

    Rectangular Connector Lever

    Sept. 20, 2023
    The V-Type lever from Mencom has a unique closing mechanism consisting of two hinged elements that are pivoted on the housing. This allows the levers to move over the pins on ...
    10 23 Lueze

    Compact Ultrasonic Sensors

    Sept. 19, 2023
    The new HTU200 and DMU200 series of compact ultrasonic sensors detect objects regardless of their surface structure using a reflected acoustic pulse. These switching and measuring...
    10 23 Electromate

    Quantum Devices Miniature Encoder

    Sept. 18, 2023
    Quantum Devices’ QM22 series of optical incremental encoders measure 22 mm in diameter, allowing for integration into tight spaces. These are modular encoders are designed for...
    10 23 Dobot

    Collaborative Robots and Smart Camera

    Sept. 15, 2023
    The CRA series of collaborative robots features greater efficiency than its predecessor, using harmonic drive reducers to improve cycle time by 25%. This cobot series also has...
    10 23 Comau

    Perception-Based Bin Picker

    Sept. 14, 2023
    The new MI.RA/Picker is the newest product within Comau’s Machine Inspection Recognition Archetypes family of hardware-agnostic, intelligent vision systems. The MI.RA/Picker autonomousl...
    10 23 Banner

    Type 4 Safety Light Curtain

    The S4B heavy-duty safety light curtain from Banner Engineering is a Type 4 light curtain that uses an adjustable bracket to ease installation. The light curtains click into place...
    Rcs T 90

    Renishaw Introduces New Products for Robotic Systems

    Sept. 13, 2023
    The new RCS product line from Renishaw targets issues associated with manual set-up, calibration and maintenance of robots.
    10 23 Automation Direct

    Updated HMI Series

    Sept. 11, 2023
    AutomationDirect has added the next generation of the C-more HMI product line, the CM5 series. These HMIs range in size from 4 to 22 inches and have up to 43MB of memory. Units...
    10 23 Abb

    75-Volt Rectifier

    Sept. 8, 2023
    The CC7500 from ABB Power Conversion is a liquid-cooled, three-phase, 75-volt rectifier designed for heavy pulse-load applications like industrial lasers. It features a low-line...
    Bimbo Bakeries

    Bimbo Bakeries Applies Artificial Intelligence

    Sept. 8, 2023
    Using Antuit.ai’s AI technology, Bimbo has improved order accuracy and minimized food waste even amid the disruptions caused by COVID-19.
    Dick Slansky Web

    Manufacturing the Best Products with AI

    Sept. 5, 2023
    Artificial intelligence does not necessarily replace people, but the better applications enable humans to perform even better. Two key areas for its application are in designing...
    Ryan Ortega

    Ensuring Safety in Industrial Control Panels

    Why it’s important to understand UL standards and partner with a UL-certified panel builder to keep your operations and personnel safe.
    With TwinCAT Cogging Compensation, AL8000 linear motors benefit from modern machine learning methods.

    Linear Motion with Machine Learning

    Aug. 25, 2023
    Using Beckhoff’s TwinCAT Cogging Compensation software, AL8000 linear motors can increase machine synchronization and decrease lag rate without hardware changes.
    Removing a DMLS print from the powder.
    3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

    Protolabs Expands 3D Printing Capacity and Capabilities

    A new facility in Raleigh, N.C., has been added to address growing demand for direct metal laser sintering services—an industrial metal 3D printing process that can build functional...
    Dreamstime L 219609083

    Would a Cyber Trust Mark Make a Difference?

    As the EU prepares its mandatory Cyber Resilience Act and the U.S. presents a voluntary Cyber Trust Mark program—both targeted at consumer products—it’s hard not to see their ...
    Dreamstime L 195994216

    Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence: Assessing the Most Popular Methodologies

    For industrial maintenance and energy saving applications, multiple algorithms can be used to develop advanced equipment analytics. But which one is most effective?
    Dreamstime L 224043630

    Industrial Augmented Reality Status Check

    A look at the factors that have slowed AR headset adoption thus far as new headset and metaverse technologies enter the market.
    Based on CO2 values measured where emissions occur, SiGreen's dynamic product carbon footprint quantifies the results of improvement measures to turn emissions data into a management tool for efficient decarbonization at scale. Source: Siemens
    Digital Transformation

    Responding to Sustainability’s Growing Importance

    Siemens connects design, production and supply chain data to help manufacturers more accurately address the environmental impacts of their operations.
    John Deere's Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil parts logistics facility.

    John Deere Deploys Comau’s Mate-XT in Parts Distribution Center

    July 28, 2023
    The wearable exoskeleton supports worker ergonomics at John Deere’s Campinas, Brazil facility.
    Rapid Robotics' robots featuring custom grippers for printed circuit board assembly.

    3D Printed Tooling for Robots

    Rapid Robotics uses Markforged 3D printers to produce custom tooling and grippers within 12 hours.
    The new IE5 SynRM motors from ABB with smart sensors installed at Tatkett’s Ronneby, Sweden, facility.

    Flooring Manufacturer Boosts Motor Energy Efficiency to 95%

    July 26, 2023
    Swedish manufacturer Tarkett saves 800 MWh of energy per year using ABB’s Ability data insights.
    With SDN, no device on your network can communicate to another without your explicit permission. Users create device-to-device communication rules that Dynics’ OT SDN Network Controller propagates to the switches and centrally manages. Source: Dynics

    Should Your Industrial Network Be a Software-Defined Network?

    With data at the center of all modern industrial operations, the networks that support transmission of data become more critical than ever. That’s why a growing number of industry...